Hooters Opening in Midway


That storied building in Midway between La Tonalteca and the Midway Galleria Strip Center has seen many incarnations over many years. Rag Tops … Crystal Palace … Roadhouse Steak Joint … Old Bay … Delaware Distilling Company … and most recently Roadhouse Bar & Grill. Well, in a short time it will become a Hooters!

Probably a more appropriate location than the failed Hooters that occupied the second level of First Street Station in downtown Rehoboth (where Cooter Brown’s Twisted Southern Kitchen is now enjoying increasing popularity). We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

As an aside, now I get to watch all the self-righteous posts and emails decrying the evils of (1) chain restaurants in general, (2) Hooters, (3) development in general, and (4) whatever else these people need to be seen by their friends as decrying. (And more often than not they’re the first ones to be seen sneaking into Panera, Popeyes, Chipotle and most probably Hooters. I’ve seen it over and over. So kindly spare us the holier-than-thou rhetoric.) And of course I mean all that in the MOST loving way.

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  1. Jim Austin says:

    If people don’t like the Hooters “concept,” they won’t go. But it will be interesting to watch and learn if Hooters has success out on the highway that wasn’t good enough to keep them downtown. If anything, they should be more visible there, and chances are the rent is lower. So if it’s a fail, perhaps people have had enough of the “concept.”

  2. Moe says:

    I agree with Sean. Love to see a Texas Roadhouse.

  3. Bladenandrews@gmail.com says:

    I’d rather have a Boston market!!!!!

  4. Sean says:

    Too bad it isn’t something good, like Texas Roadhouse.

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