All Aboard! Honey’s Farm Fresh

/ Updated on March 5, 2021

Restaurateur and entrepreneur Petru Cornescu and partners have purchased the old Salted Rim restaurant space (complete with the train cars!) in Ocean View and will be installing their Lewes-based Honey's Farm Fresh breakfast/lunch concept there. (Salted Rim is now open slightly west in the old Fat Tuna/Tonalteca space.) Cornescu also owns Pete's Steak Shop, Hopkins' Ice Cream store in Dewey, Sharkey's in Dewey, the Honey's in Lewes.

The quality of the food & service at Honey's in Lewes increased tenfold when Petru and partner Hank took over, so we're confident that that Honey's #2 will be a success!

We'll keep you posted. Take a look at the Honey's FB page HERE.

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