Staying the Course @ Dos Locos

/ Updated on April 3, 2017

The iconic Dos Locos in downtown Rehoboth Beach turns 25 this month, and as Tex-Mex restaurant pioneers Joe Zuber and Darryl Ciarlante move on to the next phase of their lives, Dos Locos moves into a new era as longtime front-of-house managers Linda, Alex and Andrew, along with Eddie and Gino behind the bar, move to the forefront of daily operations. Kitchen bosses Daniel and Reuben will have even more control over the day-to-day back-of-house business under the new ownership.

Though there have been changes at the top, guests at Dos Locos will be greeted by the same managers, sip drinks crafted by the same bartenders, and enjoy food prepared by the same talented chefs and served by the same dedicated waitstaff. Joe and Darryl are proud of the reputation their team has earned for delivering a consistently enjoyable dining experience, and are pleased by the new owner’s commitment to keep that same team in place, along with the menu, the decor – in short, everything that makes Dos Locos what it is.

It is true that, once the transition is complete, you won’t find the original Dos Locos (two crazy guys!) behind the host stand or behind the bar (though you might well find them at the bar or in a booth, since we’re not leaving town!). But the change in ownership has been designed to be transparent to the guests, who can count on Linda, Alex and others to carry on the tradition. In fact, many who visited recently while we were enjoying a few days away discovered for themselves that nothing had changed. A successful restaurant isn’t just about the owner; it’s about the talented and seamless team of people in the kitchen, behind the bar and on the floor who combine their skills to provide an enjoyable dining experience. The Rehoboth Foodie has been assured by all involved that the Dos Locos team that has done precisely that for many years will continue to do so.

Now thriving in their 3rd location at 208 Rehoboth Avenue (they quickly outgrew all the others), Dos Locos is showing no signs of slowing down. Congratulations to Joe and Darryl for a job well done, and to a new era for one of Rehoboth’s most popular casual eateries.

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  1. Lynn & Karl says:

    Best of luck to you Joe & Darryl–you both leave a legacy in Dos Locos. You have an amazing team and they will do well.

  2. Harry Papaleo says:

    Please tell me this is an April Fools Day joke, I cannot believe it!!! One of our favorite dining spots in Rehoboth. Forget that the food and service were fantastic and it was so consistent, Joe and Daryl were the epitome of great business owners.

    If it is true I wish them the best of luck, selling at the top is what its all about, but it just won’t be the same for our family:(

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