Buttery OUT, 2nd St. Tavern IN

/ Updated on March 15, 2019

The Rehoboth Foodie is pleased to report that Lewes’ iconic Buttery will soon resurrect as 2ND STREET TAVERN.

Owner Wilson Gates and Family were never truly able to resurrect the original fine-dining icon created by John Donato and Twain Gonzales. So after a major plumbing issue this winter, they chose to redefine their target audience. The new 2nd Street Tavern will offer a large selection of draft beers, an open area with couches and chairs for relaxing, and a more wallet-friendly menu.

The Rehoboth Foodie will keep you posted as their April opening draws near.

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  1. Regina M Bradley says:

    The venue was always great. However, the quality of the food, did not keep up with the price being charged. Happy to hear everything is being revamped. We will surely give it a try. Good Luck!

  2. Lee LeClair says:

    I wish them well. The Buttery went downhill quickly food wise but prices soared. Stopped going.

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