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/ Updated on October 7, 2017

NOTE TO APP OWNERS: A major update/rebuild for Rehoboth In My Pocket is now available. Allow your Rehoboth in my Pocket app to update automatically so you can stay in touch with everything Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes! If your current version doesn’t work or shows outdated information, simply uninstall it and re-download it from Apple Store or Google Play. Use the same iTunes ID/Playstore ID you used when you bought the app and the new update will be free.

Openings! Closings! New stores! New activities! Now more than ever in 2017, you need quick & easy access to everything Rehoboth, Dewey & Lewes … right there in your pocket.

Hiking/biking trails, surf shops, skimboarding, paddleboarding (including SUP!), fun activities for kids, thrift shops, hidden gems to the north, south and west, pizza and Chinese food delivery (with phone numbers and links for online ordering), info on the ParkMobile system (including links to sign up), grocery stores big and small, instant reservations at restaurants using, every golf course within 20 miles, pet-friendly eateries, hotels and motels, Realtors and rentals; food, brewery, winery and distillery tours and links for tickets; rainy day lists of interesting columnists, books and authors, and even places where you can work out, shoot baskets or the kids can bounce.

There are new links to restaurant reviews, happy hour specials, the latest happenings and charity events, each and every place to get steamed crabs or fresh seafood for preparation at home, an expanded list of local hair salons, spas and gyms, new dance bars, a newly redesigned dropdown for categories, a powerful search system, along with well over 3000 photos and over 450 entries and lists. New stores, restaurants, dry cleaners, pharmacies (and their hours), airports, fast food places and department stores are included. You can even find out where to get a tattoo.

As if that weren’t enough, you can now stream the podcasts of The Rehoboth Foodie’s radio show directly on your phone! All this and heaven too!

What? You don’t own Rehoboth In My Pocket? Gadzooks! Use the links below to purchase and download it from App Store or Google Play. Make sure it has the bright green app icon on your home screen and that your phone is set for automatic updates.

It’s a big download, so turn on your WiFi. $3.99 buys about 1/3 of a martini on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth, and for that you can have up-to-the-minute, year-round Rehoboth, Lewes and Dewey. Right there – in your pocket.

Arrive as a visitor, live like a local — with Rehoboth In My Pocket. (By the way, locals love it too!)

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