Lefty’s Opening 12/16

/ Updated on December 12, 2016


The bowling machinery is in, the arcades and kitchens are gearing up, and Chad Moore, DJ Hill and Mitch Rosenfeld are well on their way to bringing Lefty's Alley & Eats to Coastal Highway in Lewes. Projected opening date is Friday, December 16th. It's located next to Dartmouth Plaza, accessible from the turn at the WaWa in Lewes (though they have just received approval for a dedicated entrance/exit to relieve traffic at the light).

Management of the food venue is being handled by none other than LaVida Hospitality (Fork&Flask@Nage, Crooked Hammock Brewery, Big Chill Cantina, Taco Reho truck). Tom Kramer (former Applebee's manager, alumnus of Rehoboth's old Ram's Head Tavern, Dover Downs, and former cook at The Pond), and Nage manager Pete Good will head up the food operations, featuring appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches and a special bistro menu for dining while bowling.

The venue offers bowling, laser tag, big-screen TVs, and an arcade. The restaurant will center around family friendly fun food and will seat 110.

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  1. Avatar Shelly says:

    I can’t wait looking forward to it.
    I miss I play America hope to see that here too soon!
    Were are growing community and no longer are the tourists going home, we all live here now!

  2. Avatar Rick says:

    This is an amazing addition to the community and for the kids. Sure, there will be traffic and it is somewhat unfortunate for Rolling Meadows. But the sacrifice to give kids, young and old, somewhere to go and something to do instead of going to drugs and getting in trouble (which is a huge problem in this area due to no activities) because all Sussex county does is focus on tourism, should be well worth it. I believe this is exactly what this area needs and is a Godsend. Maybe they will work out another exit out to the highway beside Wawa- the space is just sitting there and would ease a great deal of congestion for Wawa and the neighborhood.

    • Avatar Linda Hyle says:

      There is a road planned to go there. We live in Rolling Meadows and it can be horrendous getting in and out of there, not fun sometimes. Hope they get it done soon, not holding my breath.

    • Avatar Jim Austin says:

      I think that alternative entrance/exit is actually in the works. A win-win if it is!

  3. Avatar anne says:

    There isn’t enough to do here for kids so this will be good but I don’t think it includes the younger ones. This sounds like it will be for older kids and the other comments about added traffic are true. It is already hard to get in and out of there and if there isn’t another exit going south it will be terrible. We will have to see how it works out.

    • Avatar Earl says:

      There may be a traffic issue but this is something new for the area and I think it is good for a change. Traffic issue will resolve itself in due time.

    • Avatar Michael Freshwater says:

      It’s the beach. Traffic will be what it will be. Im from here and I have been back in the area for years. Folks are moving here full time. We need more things like this.

      • The Rehoboth Foodie The Rehoboth Foodie says:

        Thank you, Michael! Somebody had to say it. Many of us wouldn’t be here at all if the expanding business/entrepreneurial community hadn’t drawn more people and more homes to the area. I’m sick of the whining.

  4. Avatar Tora says:

    This is awesome! A Game Center will be a great addition to this area .

  5. Avatar Joanne says:

    It is a beautiful building. However, if you live in Rolling Meadows, more traffic is not a welcomed thing. It’s bad enough with Home Goods traffic, now this.

    • Avatar Linda Hyle says:

      Yes, the traffic will get worse since there is only one way in and out of there and no plans for at least another exit going south. We live in Rolling Meadows.

  6. Avatar Leslie says:

    Wow – that is great news! We’ve needed something like this for years!

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