Vietnamese Food in RB

/ Updated on December 31, 2016

Well, you heard it here first, kids! Minh’s Bistro is preparing to begin construction of a Vietnamese restaurant right next door to the new Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli in the new Schell building at Rt. 24 in Rehoboth Beach.

Rockville, Md. businessman Thinh Pham plans on serving a wide array of Vietnamese favorites, and members of his family will be on hand to help out and suggest their favorites.

Look for both Rosenfeld’s and Minh’s to open mid-spring 2017!

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  1. Sue Sandelli says:

    Loved Pho 75 in Arlington for 30 years and have missed it since we moved here two years ago. So excited to have a new Vietnamese restaurant in Rehoboth!!!

    • John Edelmann says:

      I live two blocks to Pho 75 in Arlington and love it. I am so pleased to have Vietnamese in Rehoboth! I am in Milton and it is not too far.

  2. virginia gouse & Marty Rockey says:

    we are so excited to have a Vietnamese restaurant we moved from pa ands we miss the soup pho & the spring rolls glad you are coming to the area

  3. Karen Aszman says:

    Can’t wait! Having spent many years living in Houston, I miss being able to sit down to a wonderful bowl of Pho! This is just what we needed and I agree with Jayel…Indian food please!

  4. Jayel says:

    Ooh, first Zen Saigon in Bethany Beach, now the second Vietnamese restaurant in the area in Rehoboth? Mmmm! Now…when can we expect an Indian food?

  5. Mike Surowiec says:

    Great to hear! Nice to add Vietnamese food to our local mix. Can’t wait.

  6. Sophie Krezel says:

    So excited! Love Vietnamese food! Great that we are getting more diversity in Rehoboth.

  7. Jude says:

    Cannot wait for some good Vietnamese food.

  8. Karen Dilcher says:

    Absolutely super!!!

  9. Linda Lorber says:


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