Sneak Peek: Sno-Yo


You know the drill: Frozen yogurt place with a wall full of yogurt machines. Peruse, agonize, weep, gnash teeth, commiserate with companion and eventually choose your favorite flavor (or combination of flavors). Grab a cup (NO spoon, please! Cheating is stealing and is thoroughly frowned-upon), fill it up to your heart’s content, get it weighed, be horrified at how much it weighs (IT, not you…) and THEN get your spoon. Easy.

I used to associate the words “frozen yogurt” with an overly sweet concoction with an aftertaste of sour milk. Well, that might have been a long time ago (don’t ask…). Technology has obviously marched on, because that is not the case at Sno-Yo in Lewes. The flavors are true, and the mix is not too sweet or chemically tasting. Pretty much like good soft-serve but with a slight yogurt tang.

Sno-Yo is in the Villages of Five Points to the right of big Food Lion. There’s really not a lot to say about the place. Both of our visits were tasty, and both times we visited, the young lady at the desk was particularly friendly and joked back-and-forth with me. She made the experience lots of fun and gave me permission to take her photo. They’re lucky to have her.

No special education is required to operate the machinery. I got the vanilla and the strawberry. My companion got the vanilla and the red velvet cake flavor. Both were enjoyed with a minimum of sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia (brain freeze).

Check it out. If you are behind a family with 37 kids who are all under the impression that this is the last time they will EVER eat, much less have a frozen dessert, remember you are at the beach. Chill, wait your turn, and enjoy.

Sno-Yo is at 17252 North Village Main in the Villages of Five Points in Lewes. They are open 10-11 every day in season. See their website here.

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  1. Paula Pepper says:

    And they serve Hopkins Farm made ice cream at their Lewes and Milford locations!

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