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/ Updated on October 5, 2016

Bacchus is closed permanently. I have left the review up just for old time’s sake.

Bacchus Wine Bar at 106 Union St., next door to the Milton Theatre, has grown in leaps and bounds since they first opened. Hours are Sun.-Thurs. 11-9 and Fri.-Sat. 11-11.

We have visited several times, and the interior is quite impressive! The old First National Bank of Milton building had to be wrestled into submission, but the result is very attractive, with high, coffered ceilings and a delightful mezzanine where one can plop and sip in relative privacy.

UPDATE: We have had the pleasure of attending several wine dinners at Bacchus, and one of the most delightful was the recent one in June 2016 featuring Tony & Karen Sposato’s delightful Argentinian wines. Chef Stephanie Wampole (“Chefanie”) certainly stepped up to the plate, expertly pairing Sposato’s new (and “zesty,” according to Karen) Sauvignon Blanc with a perfectly pan-seared pair of scallops, served chilled on a bed of shaved and braised  fennel. Course #2 came roaring out of the kitchen as the affable Tony poured his Chardonnay. It went very nicely with a cool and lemony quinoa salad in a tasty bowl fashioned out of a poached artichoke. Fork-tender seared duck breast with glazed carrots, basking in a lake of turnip puree was married to what I believe is the flagship wine of Sposato Vineyards: The Malbec Reserve. Though many nice wines come out of Argentina, the wine-friendly terroir is perfectly suited for that grape. Trust me when I tell you that this wine is scrumptious. The chef’s prowess in the kitchen was proven in course #4 when we were treated to a granita (sort of an adult snow cone – thanks, Bob M. for the analogy – made with Sposato’s Cabernet Reserve. Everything was delightful, but this simple mint-topped plate was the star of the show. Do note that these items are “off-menu” and created specifically for these wine dinners.

The regular menu is pretty basic, and Chef Staphanie Wampole (“Chefanie”) has added her own classy touches to what started out as a very basic menu. Salads, a selection of flatbreads (code for “pizza” used by people who don’t want to say they ate pizza. It’s sort of like “flash fried,” to make people who are at war with food feel better about themselves. Don’t be fooled: It’s either fried or it’s not). Whew! That was exhausting! Now where was I … oh, yeah: There is always a special on the menu, and if there are crepes, don’t miss ’em.

Our current favorite is the roasted chicken and sausage (it might or might not be on the menu when you go. Fret not. Ask Chefanie for her recommendation). I have had the Bacchus salad twice already, and liked it very much. The candied nuts are a nice little exclamation mark. And that champagne vinaigrette dressing is not to be missed.

Crepes are either savory or sweet, and we LOVE the creme brulee crepe crowned with a cute sugar tuille. Take a look at the gallery for some nice pics. Chef Stephanie is doing a great job out there, and her brunches are becoming the stuff of legend.

They have a large number of wines by the glass, with special prices on glasses and selected bottles during happy hour from 3-5 every day. Beers are from Dogfish Head and 16 Mile, and there are specialty cocktails, including the “Spirit of Bacchus,” inspired by the paranormal investigators who dubbed the old building as benevolently haunted.

Give them a call at 703-362-1521. Take a look at the menu here.

Listen to the friendly proprietors on Sip & Bite with the Rehoboth Foodie.

The Buzzlette is credited with her photo of the front sign and the historic photo of the bank building. She’s a feisty little thing with that Kodak Brownie!

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  1. Bob says:

    Did the Valentines dinner at Bacchus. It was fantastic. When the chef came out of the kitchen she received an ovation from the packed second floor of diners. It was well deserved as the event was incredible. Steak and crab cake were perfect. Beet dish and potatoes were really flavorful and interesting. Desert plate reflected an attention to details that really made this a special event. Very impressive in every way and a totally enjoyable experience. I will be watching their website for future events.

  2. BobnMike says:

    We’ve tried Bacchus a few times now. This is a great option when a quiet evening is in order. Really enjoy the Tapas and chicken flatbread. The ambiance is really relaxing and casual yet sophisticated. Last night tried the Jalepeno Tequila in addition to our fav Sposato Malbec. Glad the walk to theatre is only 30 feet and the show was fantastic. Surf fishing bait shop across the street makes this a one stop heaven for us so let’s keep this one a secret. 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    We went there last week and enjoyed the ambiance and attentive service. The flatbread pizza was okay. Nice touch to include a side salad with the pizza. The charcuterie platter was pretty anemic though. A few grapes, Brie, 4 slices of salami, 2 small pieces of pate, some bread and crackers. There was only one kind of cheese – Brie- on the menu. And we were a bit surprised at the limited selection of wines by the glass. Most of the wine list consists of wines by the bottle. We would have liked to have seen more “flights” of wines offered since this is a wine bar. Also, offering Foxbrook for the house wine seems inconsistent with the upscale feel of the beautiful surroundings.

    • Rich (co-owner) says:

      I think you bring up some valid points. Our Chef, Stephanie, is currently working on expanding our cheese selection. We do carry 19 glasses by the glass that we will regularly evaluate. Though it was our goal to create an environment that is “relaxed, fun and classy” and that can challenge the serious wine lover, we also wanted to provide a nice experience for a more modest budget. We provide a 6oz pour, for $5, any time and anywhere in Bacchus, with the Foxbrook. We thank you for your feedback and hope you will return.

    • Rich (co-owner) says:

      Almost forgot. We are in the process of developing the wine flights you requested. We agree that will be a positive enhancement to our customer experience. Thanks!

  4. jeri says:

    Everything from the relaxed atmosphere, the creative food and drinks, to the very attentive staff, Bacchus Wine Bar of Milton is the place to be!
    I can’t wait to come back and try the wide array of wines! I knew this place was
    going to be a huge success!

  5. Julie says:

    We are so pleased that Bacchus is here in Milton. The food , the drinks, the ambiance and the staff are terrific. Thank you, Debbie and Rich!

  6. Lou Font says:

    Excellent wine bar with a wonderful atmosphere, reasonable prices and fine service.

  7. Carolyn Servais says:

    Bacchus was absolutely, positively THE BEST of everything you could possibly hope for in a restaurant and beverage house. The menu is a delightful departure from the standard yet consists of edible delights to please anybody. We are patiently waiting for their Sunday brunch to begin so we can get at those Lemon Crepes, which we had samples of at the Milton Theatre one evening. They were heavenly. The staff is simply amazing. They go above and beyond the call of duty. You will be pleased. We sure were.

  8. Lesslee says:

    We are so looking forward to a nice wine bar with hopefully proper lighting, nothing too bright! lol A great chilled white wine is on my list, see you soon. 🙂


  9. mary says:

    Best of luck to you on making your dream a reality. Hope to be there when you open!

  10. Tanyua D. Wilkens says:

    First, Modern Mixture Too, now the Bacchus Wine Bar right here in Milton! I am SO happy to live here! Good luck and as a wine-head, hope to be stopping in soon.

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