From Kitchen to A Different Kitchen

/ Updated on March 15, 2017

The power trio of Dierdre Smith, Mary Gaffney and Penny Reid are teaming up to morph the former “Kitchen” restaurant at 16388 Paynter’s Mill Blvd. in Milton into “A Different Kitchen.” An interesting tidbit is that they had no idea that the former restaurant was called “The Kitchen” when they came up with the new name. “A Different Kitchen” is actually words excerpted from a 1978 song by the English punk band Buzzcocks, that I am sure Justine Zegna and Mary Gaffney can recite word for word (Hint: Remember the band Speed Queen?). The restaurant will feature a variety of dishes with an Asian flair.

Some of you might recognize Penny from the front-of-house at Po’Boy’s Creole & Fresh Catch, and Mary from her time at Back Porch Cafe and Po’Boys too, for a while. Both these women are extremely talented at what they do.

Restaurateur extraordinaire and good friend Justine Zegna (Venus  on the Half Shell Dewey, Planet X Rehoboth, and now Blacksmith in Berlin, Md.) is in the wings, quietly guiding them toward a mid-April opening. We will keep you informed!

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  1. Deirdre Smith says:

    Thanks, Bob, for your awesome shout-out! Yes, we are excited to get going — hoping to open in about a month. Looking forward to having everyone — particularly Paynters Mill & Milton folks — joining us for lunch and dinner. Stay tuned.

  2. Bruce Karp says:

    We really need a viable restaurant in Paynter’s Mill, and hope this is the one that succeeds. Our location is somewhat difficult because we’re off Rt. 1 (not far from Rt. 1, but not visible from Rt. 1), so many potential customers pass our complex, not even knowing of the existence of the restaurants. Plus, our residents are not all full-timers and those who are will not be eating out every single night. Thus, our previous food ventures in the community have had their ups and (mostly) downs. We wish this new venture luck, and please consider making a trip up to Paynter’s Mill to support this new venture and Dagwood’s Deli.

  3. Amy Feinberg says:

    That’s such great news! I wish them a lot of success, we tried to support the old Kitchen, and PilotTown Fish also, but they closed abruptly. We really need a well run, professional, moderately priced restaurant with a varied menu in Paynters Mill!!! if it’s anywhere near as good as Po Boys they will be VERY SUCCESSFUL!! GREAT NEWS!!! thank you.

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