AXIS still in planning stages

/ Updated on August 24, 2017

The old Seafood Shack on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach will one day morph into the playfully tilted Axis, owned and operated by Lion, Meghan, Tim and Randy from the Blue Moon. There are no plans to open for a while. It’s not like they don’t have anything else to do….

Axis will reflect an international flair, with unusual dishes like crispy duck skin, jicama & piña with chili, a kimchee/hoisin and cilantro hot dog, of course a banh mi sandwich with pork and a lot more. Lion: Don’t skimp on  the warm and crispy french bread vehicle; a banh mi IS a banh mi, after all.

A new concept in town will be their selections of bowls (The Glory Bowl…) with goodies like peanuts, pepitas, sesame, etc.

When they are open you can call 302-227-2258. Again: Don’t hold your breath. They’ll get there when they get there.

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